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Bovine Basics - Anaerobically Digested Cow Manure Fertilizer

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Bovine Basics has many beneficial qualities for the environment. First, Bovine Basics is made through a process called anaerobic digestions. Anaerobic signifies that the process occurs in the absence of oxygen, and digestion refers to the process that bacteria uses to break down organic matter. Anaerobic digestion is the chemical process that converts manure to biogas (CH4 or methane). By using manure to generate and capture biogas, the biogas is converted to heat and electricity rather than entering the environment as a greenhouse gas. This is a renewable, home grown source of energy. Anaerobic digestion also heats the manure to a temperature that kills bacteria and weeds seeds giving us a clean and weed free product.

Bovine Basics - Good for the Environment by Reducing Peat Mining
Bovine Basics - Good for the Environment by
Reducing Peat Mining

Second, Bovine Basics can be a substitute for sphagnum peat. Peat is obtained through a process called peat mining. This process results in a loss of peat bogs throughout the northern United States and Canada. In addition to the destruction of valuable wildlife habitat, peat mining releases mercury into our lakes, rivers and streams. Without peat bogs we lose an important carbon sink, as peat bogs act like a sponge absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere.

Bovine Basics™

Composted Manure


Processed to kill bacteria
and weed seeds

Promotes renewable energy

Peat free

Holds moisture

Aerates soil

Builds soil structure