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Bovine Basics - Anaerobically Digested Cow Manure Fertilizer

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How to Use Bovine Basics

Bovine Basics - Good for the Environment by Reducing Peat Mining

Scientists estimate that there are more living creatures in a cup of healthy soil than there are humans on earth. Soil organisms can be divided into six groups: bacteria, fungi, protozoa, nematodes, arthropods, and earthworms. Each group of organisms plays important roles. Even within each group, there is great diversity in form and function. In short, healthy plants start with healthy soil. So start by feeding it Bovine Basics - your soil will love it!

Soil Test Basics
We always recommend determining how much Bovine Basics to add to your soil, it is recommended that you obtain a soil test from a certified laboratory. Soil tests are inexpensive ($10-$20 on average) and valuable in determining the needs of your soil to provide a roadmap for improving the quality of your soil. You can find information about how to go about taking a soil test from, for example, the University of Minnesota website.

A single soil test of the area you want to use Bovine Basics will provide some fundamental information pertaining to the phosphorus, potassium and pH levels of the soil along with the percent organic matter. You can request additional tests to be conducted related to micronutrients and other soil attributes but these basic elements will get you a very long way in understanding your soil developing a good, healthy soil.

Bovine Basics™ can be used in every aspect
of gardening or planting indoors and outdoors.

Pots and raised bed gardens: Mix equal portions (1:1) of Bovine Basics™ with compost or soil and plant.

Soil amendment in gardens: To add Bovine Basics™ to existing soils, generously spread Bovine Basics™ over bare soil or between plantings. Incorporate Bovine Basics™ into the soil. Continue the process until you reach your desired soil consistency.

Plantings: When planting potted trees, shrubs, vegetables and flowers, follow the directions given with your plants regarding preparing and digging a hole. Generously mix Bovine Basics™ up to equal parts (1:1) with existing soil in the holes.

Top dressing lawns: Top dress existing lawns in spring or fall in areas where growth is light. Spread enough Bovine Basics™ so it can be seen between existing grass, but not covering large areas. Rake in to speed up natural incorporation. Top dressing can be done over multiple years to establish a full, thick lawn.

New lawn seeding: Spread and mix up to 1/4" Bovine Basics™ over area to be seeded (1 bag covers approximately 48 square feet). Then spread seed and rake.

*Note: For best results, a soil test is recommended.