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Bovine Basics - Anaerobically Digested Cow Manure Fertilizer

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How to Buy Bovine Basics™

Bovine Basics - Good for the Environment by Reducing Peat Mining
Looking to Buy Bovine Basics™?
Contact us today via email.

For inquiries on purchasing bulk anaerobically digested cow manure, please contact Ed Rudberg via email or at 952-212-6576.

If you are interested in purchasing bagged Bovine Basics, please contact Hsu Growing Supply to place your order.

Bovine Basics™ is made from anaerobically digested dairy cow manure.

Anaerobic digestion is an environmentally friendly process that breaks down manure with heat in the absence of oxygen. This cooking process turn some of the organic material into biogas. The biogas is collected and can be used to generate electricity or heat. This results in home grown energy, cleaner air and cleaner water. Following the anaerobic digestion process, the remaining solids are separated from the water creating a low odor material that is now available as Bovine Basics™.