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Bovine Basics - Anaerobically Digested Cow Manure Fertilizer

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Bovine Basics - Good for the Environment by Reducing Peat Mining
Bovine Basics - 100% cow manure fertilizer

Bovine Basics™ Bios

Ed Rudberg
Ed Rudberg has a Ph.D. in Natural Resources Science and Management. He is an avid gardener and outdoorsmen. He is constantly researching how to make the soil in his raised bed garden healthier and his tomatoes more vibrant.

For general inquiries please contact Ed Rudberg via email.

Mike Kinney
Mike Kinney is from a dairy farm family in Wisconsin with farming roots in the state that go back more than 165 years. His 25 years of work experience in addition to an undergraduate and a master's degree in natural resource management provides a depth of knowledge regarding nutrients, soil amendments and soil health. Mike currently operates his own farm, does research, consulting and project management work in the areas of soil and water resources and agriculture, and is an avid gardener as well.

Mike can be contacted via email.

Our mission at Bovine Basics is to produce American made products that are great for plants and the environment. We are dedicated to helping our customers plant all natural and organic gardens. Be part of our mission.

Edgar Rudberg, Ph.D., CEO